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The Agama Yoga TTC offers you an opportunity to enhance your skills as a teacher.

This course will empower you with the skills to research and discuss deeper topics of the yoga philosophy, helping you and your students better understand how to develop and use esoteric technology to improve in all aspects of daily life.

Practice of teachings and discussion groups are the great highlight of this course.

Participating in this course would benefit everyone – regardless of age, physical ability, or previous experience with Yoga.

You can join this course in presence or online.

What You Will Learn:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Yogic philosophy & practice.
  • Deep study of “Teaching” as a spiritual practice in the tradition.
  • How to correct the performance of the yoga asanas, pranayamas, mudras & bandhas.
  • Learn & live out the fundamental qualities of being an exceptional yoga teacher.
  • You will give lectures on profound yogic topics, and hatha yoga classes as part of your training.
  • Marketing & Advertising for your business.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Achieve great self-confidence to teach by understanding the true essence behind the foundations of the Yoga System.
  • You will integrate these rare and phenomenal practices into your daily life, thus continuously improving yourself, and the quality of your life.
  • You will learn to go beyond any limitations, transcending them through a positive strong mind, and the right action.
  • You will develop a charismatic presence, which you shall develop into your own unique style as a teacher, inspiring your students into a journey of self-development & self-discovery with genuine care and wisdom.

What You Will Be Able To Teach:

  • 28 Yoga Asanas.
  • 2 Meditation Practices.
  • 30+ Lectures on yogic themes.


Agama Yoga Teacher Training - Module 1

Agama Yoga Levels 2 & 3 (Can be done online, simultaneously).


October 4 (Monday) 11:00 - January 29 (Saturday) 17:00(GMT+07:00) View in my time


Tara room + Blue Hall + Zoom


We meet three (3) times per week 4/5hours each Monday / Wednesday / Friday 11:00 to 13:00 and 13:30 to 15:30 / 16:30.

75% of the classes need to be done LIVE with the teachers. If, this is not possible, please write to us to find a better solution based on your time zone.

New Year Holidays: 19 December to 16 January.

Recordings for one month, after the course has finished, are available on-demand, please request for it by sending an email to [email protected] Thank you.


  • Amritesha


    Amritesha grew up in a very loving and protected environment, in Germany. An early death in the family, led to him investing his time into profound personal study. The topics he researched were Mysticism, Philosophy, and World Religion. At this time, he simultaneously developed a passion for both the violoncello, and the grand piano. Nevertheless, his affinity to Physics, led to him pursuing a university degree. After receiving his Ph.D, he worked in different high-tech companies. First, as a scientist. Later, as a strategic manager. At this point, the enjoyment which stemmed from attempting to understand the universe as a whole, introduced change into his life. Amritesha's marriage dissolved. Onwards, he delved into the mysteries of psychic powers, energetic massage, and numerous forms of yoga. It wasn't until some years later, that he found Agama in Thailand.There, he found so much love, inspiration, and depth, that he decided to stay with this path as his principal and only focus. He became a yoga teacher, completed all 23 Levels of Agama, and continues his studies with the deeper aspects of Tantra Yoga.

  • Bhavani


    As a young girl, Bhavani sought secrets of the unknown. She was easily moved to contemplate the deeper meaning of life. Thus, she pursued the mysteries of the forest, stars, and sky. Spending her days in nature, she felt her calling towards a way of life that was very different to the usual. The tests of youth led her to Tantra as a teen, to embrace her sexuality (which was fragile, and in need of nourishment and healing). Meeting Agama and her Guru Swamiji Vivekananda (2011), was a huge turning point in her life. She transformed, and felt exhilarated, by the profound teachings and tradition of Tantra Yoga. Additionally, Bhavani is a good and loving mother to a wonderful child, who she gracefully grows up with love, spiritual principles, and wisdom. She has dedicated her life, towards teaching Spirituality, and helping to serve others - so they may evolve on this path. Bhavani is a Senior Teacher of Agama Yoga.

  • Dharmananda


    Dharmananda was born in 1977, in Israel. In 2001, he started practicing Yoga and Tantra. In 2005, he also began teaching. His main passions are Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Since 2008, he has led meditation retreats at Agama, focusing on cultivating concentration of the mind, awareness, and the attainment of high states of consciousness.

  • Leela


    Leela has taught Tantra & Spirituality, since 1995. She first learned to work with energy, whilst still young. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to understanding the connection between body, emotions, and mind. She holds a Master's Degree in Philosophy, and Academic Studies in Psychology & Sexuality. Agama played an important role in her achievements, and for this reason, she decided to live and continue her evolution in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Her spiritual mission is to spread the knowledge of Spirituality, and to help those who have a curiosity regarding it.

  • Lucila


    Lucila's spiritual journey began in her early childhood, at a Catholic School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child, she was fascinated with Churches and Saints. During her adolescence, she faced the temptations of living in a big city, and lost her faith on the path. After many travels, studies, and an ardent inner search, a dear friend told her about Agama. Since then, she has never left. She found the true purpose of her life, under the guidance of her beloved Swamiji. Now, she is very enthusiastic about sharing these wonderful spiritual teachings with the world.

  • Muktananda


    Since 2003, Muktananda has been teaching Agama Yoga. He became a Yoga teacher to inspire other people, and to help them evolve on their spiritual path. Yoga teaching is an evolutionary path for him, too. He prefers an action-oriented spirituality and believes that, amongst many such actions, teaching Yoga is very noble, good, and beneficial to all beings. Teaching Yoga is a part of his Dharma, in terms of service to humanity and Shiva. Thousands of people have greatly benefited from his love, light, care, and no-nonsense style of teaching. He transmits his profound knowledge and experience in an accessible way, and is beloved for his humour, playfulness, and dedication.

  • Yogita


    Yogita was born and grew up, in Israel. Since a young age, she performed gymnastics, and this gave her a good awareness of the physical body. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, in 2003. After a long unsuccessful spiritual quest in India, she was blessed to find Agama, in Thailand (2006). Thereafter, she committed herself to the practices whole-heartedly, as that is what her soul was longing for. In 2007, she became an Agama Yoga Teacher, and has since taught in various countries worldwide. Yogita, now, is a Senior Agama Teacher. She has has taken numerous Advanced Initiations, in both Yoga & Tantra (the latter, she was empowered to teach, in 2009). She has dedicated a great deal of her time and energy, into the field of sexual healing, and empowerment in light of spirituality. Yogita loves to sing, and her voice is one of her greatest gifts. This talent, she uses, to express her devotion to the Divine with Bhakti. Additionally, she has led Bhajan circles for many years. She is extremely passionate about sharing the Tantric Teachings with women. She loves to teach "Complete Femininity", as it has truly transformed her life, and contributed to her spiritual evolution, as a woman on the Tantric Path. Trainings in Psycho-Spiritual work over the last nine years, have also greatly influenced her approach to teaching. Teaching Yoga has increased her enthusiasm for Spirituality, and made her a stronger practitioner. Yogita is eternally grateful to Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, who founded this exceptional yoga school and remains its Head Teacher. His generous heart, and dedication to teaching Yoga, have been an endless source of inspiration on her path - as a disciple and teacher herself.


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