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“The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical”

Wilhelm Reich

The capacity for pleasure that the female body has is overwhelming. Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, but there is a strength in you that can heal your body, transform your emotions, and positively influence your relationships.

In our course, we will learn the anatomy of pleasure. It’s an opportunity to discover your body’s sexual response pattern, through exercises to identify and pulse in order to lead this energy to several goals: personal healing, increased energy, creativity, and, of course, how to share with your partner by expanding the pleasure in the relationship!

What you will learn:

– Chi Kung with emphasis on energy conduction

– The kinds of Visceral orgasm

– Emotional transformation techniques

– Microcosmic orbit to awaken the full-body energetic system

– Tantric Vajroli Mudra for women to bring their sexual energy to higher levels

– Self-exam with a speculum

– Yoni eggs – physical and energetical approach

– Use of herbs, rice glutenous rice, and more!

How You Will Benefit:

–        You will feel more self-confident in the relationship of your sexuality

–        You will gain autonomy over your body and pleasure

–        You will be able to design a personal practice according to what you want to develop

–        You will become more playful and relaxed toward your body and emotions


We are very happy to provide video recordings for most of our workshops, but we strongly recommend attending them LIVE and using the videos as support. As the method used for the recordings is Zoom, we don’t guarantee high-quality performance. Recordings are available during the course and for one month after the workshop has finished.


Tara room + Zoom


  • Leela


    Leela has taught Tantra & Spirituality, since 1995. She first learned to work with energy, whilst still young. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to understanding the connection between body, emotions, and mind.

    She holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, and Academic Studies in Psychology & Sexuality. Agama played an important role in her achievements, and for this reason, she decided to live and continue her evolution in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

    Her spiritual mission is to spread the knowledge of Spirituality, and to help those who have a curiosity regarding it.


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