How to actually Surrender!? - Women's circle!

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Tantric wisdom recommends women surrender, let go, flow, and receive.

We are told to follow our man and revere the masculine. Yet we struggle to adopt such values into our daily lives. We’ve been disappointed so many times we can’t keep count. We can’t fully trust and we feel stuck…

We say things like, “There are no good men out there.”

We like the idea of surrender… when it suits us, but when push comes to shove, we opt out and choose to control from a place of fear. — We face our own resistance, are driven by our fear of unmet desires, and don’t trust our masculine partners to lead us properly.

We become bitter, resentful, and iron-clad strong ➛ ALONE as a result.

Even though we may not know how to do it… As women, we deeply crave the joy that comes from feminine surrender. We intuitively know that our deepest power will be unlocked if we discover how to execute this mysterious art of surrender.

Join the inner circle of Tantric women!

✶ Get the support you need to pass through the trials as a feminine being.
✶ Have harmonious and joyful relationships with men.
✶ Get your needs met while doing less.
✶ And join a sisterhood of devoted women on the path to self-realization.


Tuesday 14:30-16:30 in  Zoom! Free Event. Bring a notebook/pen and sarong. Connect in Zoom: Meeting ID: 848 8585 0392 Passcode: 011173



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  • Agnisima


  • Carla


    Carla ‘began teaching’ as a little girl, always wishing to share what she found meaningful and transformative. Initially, she was prone to all physical activities. She practiced gymnastics throughout her childhood, giving her a wonderful awareness of her physical body. Carla was also a committed Christian practitioner. Yet, as she continually sought connection through touch, she found herself frustrated with religious dogma surrounding sex. Thus, she became an Atheist.

    She left her home country to travel overseas, and an inner journey began.
    After four years of travelling and living abroad, she was guided to Agama.
    She came in search of Sexual Tantra, and the discovery of meaningful relationships. The first lecture she attended, was Isvara Pranidana. She felt so touched, that she then knew she had found her place in the world. Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Sexual Tantra, are Carla’s favourite tools to access the Divine.


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