Kashmir Shaivism Study Group on Fridays

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Course Details

The Kashmir Shaivism Study Group, is guided by the Advanced Student Bodhananda.

The course, additionally, is supported by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati.

Course activities include: Q&As, guided meditations, and study of select materials.

The meetings are on Fridays at 21:00 Thai Time

Student’s testimonial:

“Kashmir Shivaism is the Superstructure of Agama Yoga.

It is the yoga of the Soul and is therefor absolutely worth to put your mind and spirit into.

From the perspective of Kashmir Shivaism I am getting a much larger understanding and feeling about what yoga is. It is a kind of the lazy woman/mans yoga which goes right into the core of what I really are looking for.

All though difficult to follow, I feel that its so very beneficial for the mind just, at least, to try, cause, even if I don´t understand everything, the glipse of the knowledge prety fast put me in a state of detachment. There appear a kind of an entire grib of the mind and the awarenes goes into the soul instead of being with all the sufferings of the world.

The studie is a real challenge for the mind and it helps alot that Bodhananda has a phd in the subjekt, and moreover, that he himself, cause this is felt, also has practised the meditations of the very hight states, diligently. His  transmission is very wonderful and strong.

Until now we have been studieing different ways of entering into the divine heart. I can´t se if there should be anything more important than this, but as I understand even more is about to come in our future meetings.” Hannah.

Course Requirements:

1 x Prior Attendance, Kashimir Shaivism Workshop. (Offerered 1 x Year, Spring)


Online via Zoom


  • Bhodananda


    Bhodananda has studied Kashmir Shaivism, since he was 20 years old. His main initiation, was imparted by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. He has received a PhD, honoured with Summa Cum Laude, on the topic of Kashmir Shaivism. He has a wealth of experience, in guiding students, in the principal aspects of this extraordinarily refined subject.


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