Agama’s Spiritual Reading List

When it comes to the study of spiritual literature, the Yogis say that it is better to read just one page a day than nothing at all.

Why read?

  • By studying, we build up the contents of the subconscious mind.
  • Knowledge helps us to understand the spiritual experiences we have, without fear or confusion
  • Reading allows you to enrich yourself with the mental knowledge of those who have come before you, thereby offering you the opportunity to, wisely, follow a beaten path.

When we read, we come into telepathic contact with the spirit of the author, putting us on the same wavelength. If you read the books of Swami Sivananda, you start thinking and behaving like him. In this way, a book can offer genuine spiritual guidance. That is why it is important to read books written by people that have a harmonious and beneficial resonance.

Here, then, is a long list of books recommended by Agama Yoga, for your daily guidance:

Don’t let a day pass by without a little spiritual study.

With love,

Agama Yoga Xx

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