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Yes, the first class is free. You can check the schedule here. After that, the price for a drop-in class is 300 baht per class.

We offer Hatha Yoga lessons. Further information about this can be found by clicking on this link.

You can begin by studying the Essence of Tantra, followed by learning “Tantric Rituals” and “Tantra in Relationships”. You have the option to join any course at any time and complete the remainder later. It is mandatory to complete the Conscious Tantric Touch before undertaking any tantra course. Check the Program:

No, we do not provide accomodation. We solely possess “classrooms” for studying and practicing. We don’t suggest any hotels. As we are situated in a highly touristic region, we encourage you to browse through popular accommodation booking websites.

Agama Yoga, 42/4, Moo 8, Srithanu Koh Phangan, Surat Thani 84280

We offer satsangs, bhajans, meditations, weekly Q&A for the students. Please take a look at the current schedule of free events.

Yes, we offer a discount for 5 levels of Yoga. If you book in advance, you will be eligible for an early bird price. Additionally, if you book courses that are divided into parts as a whole, you will receive a discount. If you have any special requirements, please write about them here: [email protected]

Yes, all courses have, notice that it is only valid if you had done the course with Agama Yoga and you are repeating the same course. New courses do not have a repeater fee.

We are delighted to offer video recordings for the majority of our workshops. Although some of them can only be done live. Kindly check the info for each course. 

We highly recommend attending them in person live and use the videos as supplementary material. Please note that since we use Zoom for the recordings, we cannot guarantee a high-quality performance. The recordings will be accessible during the retreat and for an additional month following the workshop’s completion.

We also offer full self – paced workshops, you can do them on your own time. Check here.

No, it includes the teachings (online or in person), access to our e-learning platform with student kit material, and access to the recordings for one month after completing the course.

Generally, no, unless it is explicitly mentioned in the “course requirements.”  If you are attending alone, you can form a pair with another solo participant in the course. Otherwise, we will arrange for students from the community to assist and support you

 No, there are motorcycle taxis or shared taxis available everywhere.

Yes, our Hatha Yoga Teacher  Training is once per year, it is divided in 2 Modules. For more info check here:

You can apply to become a Tantra Teacher after you have completed our Level 1 Hatha Yoga Program and all tantra courses plus the Agama Tantra Initiation. Your participation will be assessed, and if you are selected, you have the opportunity to become a teacher. We do not provide group training; only individual sessions are available. 

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