The Yoga Program

Agama Yoga, is one of the few remaining authentic systems of spiritual growth, available in the present day. Our curriculum covers everything from the Basics of Yoga (which are heavily misunderstood, in modern times), to the most advanced spiritual initiations known of on the planet. We offer ancient teachings, in a modern format. As the curriculum unfolds, the initiations given increase in potency. Complex Yogic Techniques, more than 1000 years old, are explained eloquently, clearly, and understandably. Esoteric explanations, and modern scientific research are blended – to provide a comprehensive overview. 

Level 1: The Essential Foundation

Agama’s Level 1 Yoga Intensive is a month-long retreat that combines both theory and practice. This course is transformational. Numerous students have started and ended their formal study here, and yet through Level 1 alone, have gained the knowledge & skillset for a lifetime of practice ahead. 

  • Initiation into 21 Asanas. Expositions of the occult effects of each of them, extending far beyond the physical benefits. Demonstration of how a practitioner can attain these results, through the use of the mind, whilst performing each posture. Clear, precise, and elaborate details of the effects of each asana on the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, & Causal Bodies. 
  • Initiation into one of the most powerful Tantric Meditations. 
  • Explanations of the structure of reality.
  • Explanations of the extent of human potential.
  • How to conquer the mind, and regain control of your life.
  • How to live as a Yogi, in the Modern Age.
  • Knowledge of the Chakras, and how to use them. 

The Curriculum

Our “University Style Program” Consists of 7 Stages: 

To reach each respective phase of The Curriculum, an exam is taken: testing theoretical knowledge & practical ability from the material covered, thus far. 


The Building Blocks of Yoga: Levels 1-13

  1. Full Initiation into the Core Techniques of Hatha Yoga: Asanas, Pranayamas, Bandhas.
  2. The Study of the Yogic System of Purification and Healing: Shat Karma Kriya.
  3. Exploration of the Traditional Branches of Yoga: Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, & Bhakti Yoga.
  4. The Authentic Use of Mantra & Yantra. (Mantra + Yantra = Tantra) 
  5. Tools to Effectively Utilise Sexual Energy for Yoga Practice.  
  6. The Yoga of Sleep, Yoga Nidra. 
  7. Colours & Their Correspondences. (In Yoga & Daily Life) 
  8. The Tantric System of Meditation.
  9. Profound Yogic Philosophy, as well as Yogic Guidelines For a Fulfilling Life.
  10. Concentration of The Mind & Trataka.

Ascending Through The Chakras: Levels 4-8

Each month, a new Chakra gains the focus of our Sadhana. Starting with Muladhara (Level 4), techniques focused on the intensive arousal of the chakra of emphasis are given. Asanas, Pranayamas, Mantras, Colours, & Philosophical Teachings are provided. The Yamas & Niyamas (Morals & Ethics) of Yoga, are also addressed, one by one. Thereby, provided, is an even deeper insight into the practicality of Yogic Living, than that which was outlined in Levels 1-3. 

The Higher Chakras: Levels 9-13

The focus, during these months, becomes “The Higher Chakras”: Anahata to Sahasrara. The Yamas & Niyamas (Morals & Ethics), continue to be covered, concluding with Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender to the Divine). Advanced Astrology is introduced into the Program, to utilise another Tantric Application, which can be harnessed, to put oneself into resonance with subtle harmonious energies. 

Mastery Over Yoga: Levels 14 - 23

Advanced Teachers, in this stage, work closely with you – to deepen your Hatha Yoga practice. In preparation for the Higher Teachings to come, and the intensive Sadhana which accompanies it, more thorough initiations are given, into each of the Chakras.  

Inspired by Grace, and a wish to further the teachings offered to his students, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, recently made accessible initiations in Levels 14-23, which were only formerly accessible, to students of the Advanced Teachings. The majority of these techniques, come from the highly esoteric ‘Svara Yoga’. 

Higher Yoga

Kundalini Program

The Kundalini Yoga Program focuses on the awakening of Kundalini Shakti. Thorough energetic preparation and purification is required, before a practitioner is ready for this stage. Hence, the long curriculum, and initiation, that comes prior. An application is required to receive a place on the program, as well as an entrance exam, which has to be passed: testing methods of Yogic Competence. 

  1. Advanced Kundalini Yoga – The Arousing of Kundalini Shakti through: Kundalini Mudras, Kundalini Bandhas, Kundalini Kriyas.
  2. Raja Yoga – Mental Concentration, Paranormal Powers in Yoga, The Arousing and Use of Healing Magnetism, Hypnotism, Self-Suggestion, Telepathy, Psychic Self-Defence, & The Subtle Perception of Previous Lives.
  3. Astrology in Connection with The Kundalini Energy.
  4. Kaula Tantra Techniques, & Other Tantric Applications (Disclosed, A Later Point)
Yoga 5-3

Chakra Tapas

The Chakra Tapas is a unique and powerful 16 Month Practice for All Seven Chakras, exploring their Levels of Consciousness. It emphasizes practice, and includes an in-depth study of the Chakras and their awakening, mainly through Laya Yoga. The details of individual practice are subject to one’s specific structure, and direction is given closely by the Guru.

Advanced Teachings

The Advanced Teachings focus on the Highest Tantric Techniques for reaching States of Supramental Consciousness and Arousing the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara.

  1. Kashmir Shaivism (Trika) lineages of Pratyabhijna, Spanda, Krama, and Kaula; methods for the revelation of the Supreme Self (Atman), and techniques for reaching Supramental Consciousness, Samadhi.
  2. The Nature of The Five Elements, and Svara Yoga.
  3. Initiation in The Techniques For Contacting The Various Classes of Angels and Other Subtle Entities.
  4. Initiation in the Tibetan Techniques of Phowa, The Transfer of Consciousness, Kalachakra, and the Tibetan System of Meditation. 

Many of these initiations have never before been given to Westerners, and therefore require extremely sincere levels of commitment. This curriculum unfolds within a supportive relationship with teachers, who teach not just from theory, but personal experience.

Student Testimonials

Michel, Lebanon

"I love Agama and the Level 1 Intensive Course. So much, that I repeated the course 3 times from beginning until end, and some of the lectures 7 or 8 times! It's a great course that gives a broad understanding on the yogic philosophy, theory, practices, and how to integrate them into daily life. Personally, this course benefited me a lot. After years of suffering daily from acid reflux, within two or three weeks of practice, and dietary changes recommended in the course, the acid reflux stopped."

Christian, Germany

"What stood out for me is that the Yoga at Agama really teaches you how to become a practitioner. It's not just some Yoga you do to spice up your day. Each level gives you many techniques that you can practice on your own, and deep knowledge that changes your whole view of life. It is a true university style, and I love that. I am still totally amazed how vast, rich, and serious Yoga actually is compared to what is commonly known. I recommend this Yogic Path to anyone who seriously wants to get into Yoga."

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