The Path of Sexual Tantra

Transform Sexuality into a Spiritual Path.

Tantra is a unique life-embracing approach, compared to more mainstream, ascetic, and repressive spiritual traditions. The authentic Tantra is deeply rooted in traditional Indian & Tibetan Yogic Teachings. The mysteries and secrets of spiritual eroticism are further presented in conjunction with the relevant information from Chinese Taoism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Alchemy. Agama is known world-wide as being a leader in transmitting the teachings of traditional Sexual Tantra. Since Agama arrived on Koh Phangan in 2003, thousands upon thousands of individuals have graduated our workshops, discovering profound, life-changing, and liberating experiences. Worldwide, wherever Tantra is taught or actively practiced in a structured setting, the chances are very high that the roots trace back to Agama.

Students will learn both theoretical and practical elements, to understand how to use sexuality as a spiritual path. Due to the provocative perception of Tantra, there are many myths, and there is much misinformation, alongside a plethora of false stereotypes that accompany these teachings. Agama’s Tantra Workshops present information in a modern, step-by-step approach. They consider the cultural landscape of sexuality, whilst preserving the original mystique and richness of the teachings. 

Conscious Touch

Conscious Touch is intended to help all participants navigate interpersonal interactions and relationships. This is done using self-awareness practices, role-playing, and exercises. The main topics are: boundaries, how to feel safe, and the ability to express authentically what one wants. This will help cultivate a space of safety in sexuality, allowing for the level of surrender which is essential if one wishes to reach the depths of Tantric Practice. It is a prerequisite for all the other courses.

Tantra Fundamentals

The Foundational Concepts of Sexual Tantra, are given. The courses can be taken, in any order.

Tantric Sexuality - Essence of Tantra

This course teaches The Basic Pillars of the Sexual Tantric Path. These include, how to transform sexuality into true love, the value of the Sexual Energy on the Spiritual Path, and the core techniques that always need to to be present to make sex tantric. Knowledge about Tantric Orgasms, is also given. Once one learns how to awaken the sexual energy with control, the ability to channel sexual energy for different spiritual purposes, soon follows. Viewing sex as Divine, Pure, and Elevated, henceforth, will also change your relationship to sexuality forever.

Tantric Rituals - Evolving through Tantra

Tantric Rituals are pre-defined activities involving gestures, music, meditations, and sacred objects. They are performed in a clearly defined sequence, and a specially prepared place, to fulfil a clearly outlined specific purpose. Rituals can be used for healing, for coming closer to the Divine nature of oneself and one’s partners, for experiencing True Love, and for exploring different aspects of love making, existent in each of the chakras.

Tantric Relationships

Discover the difference between “ordinary” and “spiritual” relationships. Discover the Masculine & Feminine Tantric Archetypes. Become accustomed to the Kama Sutra. Learn of typical relationship dynamics, and delve into the deeper meanings behind them.

Learn to integrate your relationship, into a sincere part of your spiritual practice. In this Workshop, you will discover the pros & cons of each relationship type, and will receive a clear understanding of how to choose the best style of relationship that complies with your lifestyle, personality, and spiritual goals. Practical tips for how to deepen whichever relationship type you choose, shall be given. Discussions will be led over ‘how to cultivate detachment’, ‘how to communicate and deal with emotions like jealousy’, and most importantly ‘how to transmute these emotions, within your relationship with your partner, when they arise’. Insights regarding the importance of communication, and The True Nature of Love are guaranteed. 

Agama Tantra Initiation

The Agama Tantra Initiation was created to provide an intensive program of personal transformation, with a focus on sexuality as a tool for spiritual evolution. This retreat combines the study of techniques with rituals. It has been formulated as a multi-week intensive program, and requires participants to have completed all the previous Tantra courses, as well as Yoga Level 1 from our Yoga CurriculumThe program aims to guide participants in the integration of the principles of Tantra into deep levels of consciousness. Thus, this results in dedicated and advanced practitioners, alongside the union of sexuality and spiritual evolution.

Join us on March 2023!

Tantra Teacher Training

After you have completed our Level 1 Hatha Yoga Program and all tantra courses plus the Agama Tantra Initiation you can apply to become a Tantra Teacher. Your participation will be evaluated and if you are chosen you can become a teacher. We do not offer group training, only individual.

Student Testimonials

Andra, Estonia

"Tantric Relationships gave me great insight into how to improve my relationships with others, and also with myself! I learned how to show up in a relationship, in a more loving way, and how to keep the spark alive. I definitely recommend the course to people who want to create a conscious and fulfilling partnership."

Carla, Argentina

"Before Agama, my sexual life was empty and superficial. Also, I was very masculine. I built a shield of protection around myself, as a result of past wounds, and I was always in control. I commanded men, asking them to change for me. It was a disaster. Here, I learnt how sex can become a loving and playful experience, how I can express my feelings, and how I can share my needs from a place of acceptance. I also discovered the concept of surrender. After a lot of practice, I now deeply enjoy the feeling of trust I have cultivated towards men. It's so fulfilling."

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