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The Framework For Spiritual Success

78 Asanas

Physical Postures, with Energetic Effects.
Authentic Hatha Yoga, in its Purest Form.
Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Applications.

23 Yoga Levels

A University Style Curriculum.
Esoteric Initiations, for Spiritual Realisation.
Cultivate Subtle Forces, Tangibly, Step-by-Step.

Advanced Kundalini

The Toolbox for Higher Consciousness.
The Lost Science of Legitimate Kundalini.
True Spiritual Power, Starts Here.

Divine Sexuality

Practice Sexual Secrets

Sex, for Tantrics, is both an art and a science. Tap into the knowledge of a Spiritual Tradition, that has treasured this for centuries. Learn sacred tools, of India and Tibet, that harness sexuality to reach God Consciousness.

Discover True Love

Love, for Tantrics, is a Divine Phenomena. Yet, it is not merely incidental. Love, can be cultivated deliberately, through yogic methods: at will, with ecstatic potency. Access to this energy, having cultivated it, thereafter becomes a choice.

Unleash Your Power

Become the lover you always dreamed to be, yet didn't believe you could be. Tantra, provides a clear blueprint, for how to be this. In doing so, become truly close to God. Achieve guaranteed success, through following an ancient roadmap.

Become Multi Orgasmic

Unleash your raw power, hidden within. Revitalise, with states of euphoria, that are long-lasting. Achieve multiple orgasms, as either a man or a woman. Tap into a source of lasting fulfilment, that is limitless, and empowering.

Why Agama?

Verified Lineage

Agama, is the product of generations of teachers, passing on the techniques they used themselves, to obtain spiritual realisation.

Proven Results

Not only prior generations, have achieved success through these methods. Multiple Agama Students, have attained the highest yogic accomplishment.

10,000 + Students

Since its formal creation, 20 years ago, Agama has accumulated an international student base - from different corners of the globe.

Recent Testimonials

Antonello, Italy

"Agama, deeply and profoundly, has transformed my life. I feel so much gratitude for this school. My life has improved in so many ways - spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, socially, financially, etc. Thank you, Agama. I will, forever, be grateful."

Bev, Canada

"Over the past year, the Authentic Yoga practice as taught by Agama, has changed my life. I have a much deeper understanding of why I practice yoga; have fully incorporated meditation into my daily life; changed my diet; and am far more devoted to living a holistic, healthy, pure lifestyle."

Upcoming Workshops

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