Do You Struggle With Self-Confidence?

Are you able to stand up in front of a crowd and give a talk? Do you walk around with your head held up high feeling like a warrior or a hero in life?

We noticed that after just a few months of Agama Yoga practice students gain a lot of self-confidence.

How does this happen?

Many of the practices at Agama activate Manipura Chakra, the navel chakra. This is the level of your being which corresponds with the fire element.

Maybe you’ve noticed that very confident people tend to be very fiery. The fire element also gives passion, dynamism, enthusiasm and leadership.

If you don’t have enough fire in your structure, you simply cannot manifest these qualities.

So how can you amplify the fire in your being so that you can have more confidence?

Work on Manipura.

1) Do specific Yoga postures that activate Manipura Chakra

2) Do them in the right way with the correct focusing of the mind.

uddiyana bandha

3) Eat fiery foods like chili and cinnamon

4) Increase your resonance with “the warrior”  and “hero” archetypes through movies and music that exemplify these qualities

5) Do sun salutations in the sun to receive the fiery solar energies

These practices will bring more fire into your being and you will naturally feel self-confident and ready to conquer anything!

No more living in drama, chaos and confusion.

Confidence is something everyone can have, if you know the right practices.

We hope you are inspired to step into the resplendent realm of Manipura!


Agama Yoga Xx

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