Yoga Level 2 (self-paced)

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Yoga Level Details

Levels 2-3

The Red Sash Program (Levels 2-3) carefully introduces a practitioner into new asanas, and higher techniques. Pranayamas & Tratakas are introduced, elaborating on an asana-focused Level 1 Program.
What You Will Learn:
• 9 new asanas.
• Purifications: Nauli Kriya & Agnisara Dhauti.
• Pranayamas: Maha Yoga Pranayama, Vowel Pranayama.
• The fundamental forms of Trataka.
• A new mantra-based meditation.
• Yogic Knowledge – The Laws of the Mind, Diet & Fasting, The Gunas, Ayurveda, Nadis, Efficient Methods of Prolonging Life.
How You Will Benefit:
• Ground yourself in daily sadhana.
• Feel both: empowered, & mentally calm.
• Re-learn to breathe, utilising the full lung capacity.
• strengthen your body & gain flexibility.
• Purify your nadis.
• Strengthen your immune system.
• Deepen your consciousness.
Course Requirements:
Yoga Level 1

Course Details

This course will consist of 3 sessions per week, 2,5 hatha yoga class plus video recordings lectures watched by yourself. The exact times and teacher will be decided, once the course group is confirmed. Depending on the group, the course will either be online, in one of our Yoga halls, or both simultaneously.

Level 2 is available only as a self-paced course, so you can do it solely from recordings when is the best time for you

If you have any questions, you can contact us, at any time.


This is a self-paced course.


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