Chakra Specials Muladhara Vitality


After making your booking kindly write a message with your email (or Akasha username) or to what’s app +66 89 233 0217 or [email protected] so we can give you access to the course. Thank you very much!

The course is accessible for a duration of 30 days after the purchase.

Enter into a deeper experience of the chakras! Every two months will be an upcoming a new workshop on the next higher chakra. We start with Muladhara and connect to the fundamental life force of the being. Discover and expand your own potential in those Chakra Specials. Your body becomes like a sensitive antenna for the beneficial energies of the surrounding universe, through resonance. In this crash course, you will be guided into the deep realms of the root chakra, the foundation of life. Learn how to enhance your vitality and self-fulfilment. The session contains guided asanas, tantric sense experiences, pranayamas with visualization and specific concentration as well as a music meditation and deep relaxation.

You will need comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, cushions and a band. To enhance your personal experience you can also prepare a candle and incense, a photo of a beautiful landscape, some modelling clay and something you like to smell.

Teacher Amritesha’s experience is for your benefit: > 15,000 hours of tantra yoga practice and teaching time. Continuous enrollment in deeper study courses in written and oral transmission. A scientific mind with > 10 years of experience in university and industry as well as in exploring the experiences and model descriptions of Kashmiri Shaivism and kundalini tantra yoga.

This 3h course is recorded in August 2023

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