Taste of Tantra – Group Private Class


4 hours Introductory Private Class on Tantra Essentials. 3 people, every one plus 40 euros per person.

If you’re curious about how enriching sexual life can support your spiritual evolution, join us for this tantric class on sacred lovemaking. Online or in presence.

Through the teachings of Tantra Yoga, you’ll learn how to transmute sexuality, sexual attraction, and desire into spiritual aspiration. You’ll redefine your relationship to sex, release yourself from feelings of shame and guilt, and connect to sexual energy as a mystical force to be harnessed for your transformation. You will experience lovemaking as a means to experience divine union.

In this first approach to Tantra, you will learn:

  • What is traditional Tantra?
  • Main Concepts in Tantra.
  • Curves of pleasure.
  • The Tantric Men and Women.
  • The Tantric Lifestyle.
  • Essentials in Hatha Yoga.

Includes a “Taste of tantra” booklet.

After booking kindly contact Agama Registration at +66 89 233 0217 to schedule your class.

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