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If you’re curious about how an enriching sexual life can support your spiritual evolution, join us for this special workshop on sacred lovemaking.

Through the teachings of Tantra Yoga, you’ll learn how to transmute sexuality, sexual attraction, and desire into spiritual aspiration. You’ll redefine your relationship to sex, release yourself from feelings of shame and guilt, and connect to sexual energy as a mystical force to be harnessed for your transformation. You will experience lovemaking  as a means to experience divine union. 

The coherent, step-by-step approach will guide you to a practical understanding of the esoteric teachings of erotic Tantra. You’ll learn how to amplify and control sexual energy to amplify & prolong your orgasms, awaken Kundalini Shakti, refine your sense perceptions, and expand your field of consciousness to cosmic proportions. This workshop will give you all the tools you need to begin to master the art of sacred lovemaking.

This workshop is for everyone looking to take their spiritual practice to a deeper level. It is a safe space held with a commitment to clear and elevated communication. The workshop doesn’t include any nudity or explicit sexuality and is appropriate for individuals and couples, beginners and advanced practitioners. You’ll receive supplementary printed materials to support your practice.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is traditional Tantra
  • Modern sexology and Tantra
  • The curves of pleasure and methods for retention/control of sexual energy
  • The seven kinds of orgasm for women
  • How to orgasm intensely without ejaculation
  • Hatha Yoga relevant to the sexual practice
  • Sublimation of the menstrual cycle in women
  • Diet and the sublimation of sexual energy
  • Enhancement of virility and the release of frigidity

How You Will Benefit:

  • Women experience a deepening of orgasms and an expansion of orgasmic potential; the sublimation of menstrual blood and the removal of related physical ailments; enhanced beauty, health, charm, femininity, and elegance.
  • Men experience deep, multiple orgasms without ejaculation; stronger, longer-lasting erections that extend the duration of lovemaking; enhanced virility, strength, health, confidence, and sexual prowess.
  • Couples experience increased sexual confidence, prolonged orgasmic bliss, shared states of spiritual ecstasy that lead to profound transformation; through transfiguration, they recognize the divine essence in themselves and each other, resulting in sweet intimacy, true love, more empathetic communication, and friendship
  • The awakening of Kundalini energy, which leads to an expansion of consciousness and the development of superior perceptions.

Course Requirements:

Tantric Conscious Touch

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Monday to Friday 17:00 to 20:00 (Bangkok Time)

In presence only.


Enlightment Hall

Enlightenment Hall, Agama Campus


  • Leela


    Leela is a passionate teacher and therapist who has been dedicated to the practice of Tantra and Spirituality for over 25 years. Her journey began at a young age when she first learned to work with energy and discovered the connection between body, emotions, and mind.

    With a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and academic studies in Psychology & Sexuality, Leela’s knowledge and expertise have been honed through years of experience and training. Agama played a crucial role in her achievements, which inspired her to continue her evolution and teachings in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

    Leela’s spiritual mission is to spread the knowledge of Spirituality and help those who are curious about it. She is dedicated to helping individuals achieve bliss by integrating the different levels of their being.

    Throughout her career, Leela has worked in different countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia, and now Thailand, where she teaches yoga, tantra, and Taoism. Her passion for the mysteries of the universe led her to start doing astrological charts at the young age of 10, and she continues to merge the rational need for scientific precision with the love and longing of the mystic to help others on their spiritual path.

    Join Leela in exploring the depths of Tantra and Spirituality and discover the magic of energy and its connection to your mind, body, and soul.

  • Muktananda


    Since 2003, Muktananda has been teaching Agama Yoga. He became a Yoga teacher to inspire other people, and to help them evolve on their spiritual path. Yoga teaching is an evolutionary path for him, too. He prefers an action-oriented spirituality and believes that, amongst many such actions, teaching Yoga is very noble, good, and beneficial to all beings.

    Teaching Yoga is a part of his Dharma, in terms of service to humanity and Shiva. Thousands of people have greatly benefited from his love, light, care, and no-nonsense style of teaching. He transmits his profound knowledge and experience in an accessible way, and is beloved for his humour, playfulness, and dedication.

  • Vidyā


    Vidya ‘began teaching’ as a little girl, always wishing to share what she found meaningful and transformative. Initially, she was prone to all physical activities. She practised gymnastics throughout her childhood, giving her a wonderful awareness of her physical body. Vidya was also a committed Christian practitioner. Yet, as she continually sought connection through touch, she found herself frustrated with the religious dogma surrounding sex. Thus, she became an Atheist.

    She left her home country to travel overseas, and an inner journey began.
    After four years of travelling and living abroad, she was guided to Agama.
    She came in search of Sexual Tantra, and the discovery of meaningful relationships. The first lecture she attended, was Isvara Pranidana. She felt so touched, that she then knew she had found her place in the world. Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Sexual Tantra, are Vidya’s favourite tools to access the Divine.

  • Yogita


    Yogita was born and grew up, in Israel. Since a young age, she performed gymnastics, and this gave her a good awareness of the physical body. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, in 2003. After a long unsuccessful spiritual quest in India, she was blessed to find Agama, in Thailand (2006). Thereafter, she committed herself to the practices whole-heartedly, as that is what her soul was longing for. In 2007, she became an Agama Yoga Teacher, and has since taught in various countries worldwide. Yogita, now, is a Senior Agama Teacher. She has has taken numerous Advanced Initiations, in both Yoga & Tantra (the latter, she was empowered to teach, in 2009). She has dedicated a great deal of her time and energy, into the field of sexual healing, and empowerment in light of spirituality.

    Yogita loves to sing, and her voice is one of her greatest gifts. This talent, she uses, to express her devotion to the Divine with Bhakti. Additionally, she has led Bhajan circles for many years. She is extremely passionate about sharing the Tantric Teachings with women. She loves to teach “Complete Femininity”, as it has truly transformed her life, and contributed to her spiritual evolution, as a woman on the Tantric Path.

    Trainings in Psycho-Spiritual work over the last nine years, have also greatly influenced her approach to teaching. Teaching Yoga has increased her enthusiasm for Spirituality, and made her a stronger practitioner. Yogita is eternally grateful to Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, who founded this exceptional yoga school and remains its Head Teacher. His generous heart, and dedication to teaching Yoga, have been an endless source of inspiration on her path – as a disciple and teacher herself.

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