Goddess Celebration

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The Goddess is alive and her magic is a glow! Come celebrate the cosmic manifestation of Shakti!
In this joyful celebration of the Divine Feminine we will pay homage to her creativity, infinite diversity , life-giving abundance and role as the ultimate Tantric consort.

Join us for Meditation, Bhajans, Music Meditations and Yang Spiral

18:00-19:30: Meditation on the Cosmic Powers (Wisdom Goddesses)
19:30-21:30: Bhajans and Devotion
21:30-22:30: Yang Spiral


 18h until 22h (Bangkok Time)


Enlightment Hall + Zoom

Enlightenment Hall, Online via Zoom


  • Yogita


    Yogita was born and grew up, in Israel. Since a young age, she performed gymnastics, and this gave her a good awareness of the physical body. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, in 2003. After a long unsuccessful spiritual quest in India, she was blessed to find Agama, in Thailand (2006). Thereafter, she committed herself to the practices whole-heartedly, as that is what her soul was longing for. In 2007, she became an Agama Yoga Teacher, and has since taught in various countries worldwide. Yogita, now, is a Senior Agama Teacher. She has has taken numerous Advanced Initiations, in both Yoga & Tantra (the latter, she was empowered to teach, in 2009). She has dedicated a great deal of her time and energy, into the field of sexual healing, and empowerment in light of spirituality.

    Yogita loves to sing, and her voice is one of her greatest gifts. This talent, she uses, to express her devotion to the Divine with Bhakti. Additionally, she has led Bhajan circles for many years. She is extremely passionate about sharing the Tantric Teachings with women. She loves to teach “Complete Femininity”, as it has truly transformed her life, and contributed to her spiritual evolution, as a woman on the Tantric Path.

    Trainings in Psycho-Spiritual work over the last nine years, have also greatly influenced her approach to teaching. Teaching Yoga has increased her enthusiasm for Spirituality, and made her a stronger practitioner. Yogita is eternally grateful to Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, who founded this exceptional yoga school and remains its Head Teacher. His generous heart, and dedication to teaching Yoga, have been an endless source of inspiration on her path – as a disciple and teacher herself.


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