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Taichi brings us back to the basics of who we are. By bringing our attention back to our lower abdomen our breath, and the feeling of life energy, Taichi creates a reference point of “You Are Here!”

A few minutes of Taichi moving meditation is like a ‘reset’ that can allow you to start along your journey again with a clearer mind and a calmer spirit.

Relax and breathe, meditate, move slowly through your favorite Taichi form, quiet your mind to feel your movement and your breath, and see if you can feel the subtle sensation of your life energy deep inside.

Rest inside of this feeling, inside of your moving meditation- in what’s real in this moment. The more you do, the more the way will clear for you to re-enter your daily life with greater calm, peace, and self-awareness.

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The first class is free and you can participate on our campus or online.

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From Monday to Saturday
7:00 to 8:30  private location in Koh Phangan


Private location in Koh Phangan

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