Conscious Conception


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This workshop is recorded in May 2023, there is 5 recorded sessions, 3 hours each

The moment and manner of conception are of prime importance in shaping a soul’s journey into this world, and the imprint continues to echo throughout its life. In modern times, more care and effort goes into how we breed plants and animals rather than how to correctly and consciously engender our offspring. Are you interested in learning the yogic ways with which you can prepare your body, mind and soul for one of the most intimate connections you will experience in your lifetime?

In this workshop, we offer you yogic and spiritual teachings regarding conscious conception and parenthood.  Ground yourself in the ancient wisdom of yoga regarding the process of bringing a soul into the world.

This course is for you if you would like to:

  • Embrace parenthood as part of your spiritual journey.
  • Seek accurate spiritual advice to make the most of this experience.
  • Prepare your body, mind and emotions for becoming a parent.
  • Learn about diet and lifestyle for creating optimal health and well-being for the parenthood project.
  • Learn how to invite and connect with the soul of your new baby.
  • Know how to identify, enhance and work with your fertility.
  • You want to have a child and also have a good spiritual practice that evolves your consciousness.

By attending this Conscious Conception workshop, you will learn:

  • The tantric attitude and spiritual motivation regarding having children.
  • Bringing children into the world and growing them up, as a karma yoga practice.
  • Preparations of the man & woman before conception to create the correct resonance to call in an evolved spirit.
  • Natural Birth control: How to prevent accidental pregnancy.
  • Learn how to calculate the exact times of fertility using tantric astrology to make a successful conception.
  • How to determine the sex of the baby through the science of Swara Yoga. 
  • Create a ritual for the spiritual conception: How to consecrate and conduct the love making for conception with transfiguration, mantras, prayers, visualizations, affirmations & meditations.
  • Tantric yoga, lifestyle, do’s & don’ts during pregnancy.
  • Tantric yoga practice to prepare for the moment of delivery.
  • The tremendous importance and opportunity that is available during the first 7 years of your child’s life, to shape its soul.


How you will benefit:

  • Feel empowered in right knowledge, and be conscious parents to your child.
  • Overcome the limiting modern beliefs regarding conception, pregnancy and birth.
  • Have the right, spiritual foundation for a conscious conception. 
  • Enjoy the process of parenthood, in a way that will further the spiritual evolution of yourself and your child. 


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