Hatha Yoga Level 1, Free Module 1, Self Paced Course

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After making your booking kindly write a message with your email (or Akasha username)  to what’s app +66 89 233 0217 or [email protected] so we can give you access to the course. Thank you very much!

The course is accessible for a duration of 6 months after the purchase.

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Level 1 is the cornerstone of not just the Yoga Curriculum, but Agama as a whole.

In person, it is conducted for over a month. Yet, many prospective students are unable to dedicate an entire 30 days (120 hrs) to the foundational course we offer. Thus, to increase accessibility, Agama created the “Hatha Yoga Level 1 Online Program”.

The requirements of the Modern Age, on the time of an individual, are exhaustive. Thus, in this program, each student can adjust their attendance and spiritual practice to their own schedule. The time it takes to complete the program is moulded individual-to-individual.

The program is divided into 6 modules. Each module accounts for 20 hours of yoga lectures and guided practice. Each individual module is split into 6 units. In each unit, there are 3 classes:

  • Explanation of Asana + Spiritual Practice (Recommended. Morning)
  • 2 Hrs of Spiritual Practice (Recommended. Afternoon)
  • Theory Lecture (Recommended. Evening)

Each class can be studied at a convenient pace. Once access to a module is given, there is no imposed time limit for how long the duration until completion shall be. Classes can be repeated as many times as a student sees fit. Yet, it is recommended to complete the classes in the suggested order. The order has a purpose, in aiding to facilitate higher understanding. Each class builds upon the insight already provided in the previous class. Therefore, it is deeply recommended to follow the order that has been advised. 1 hr/day yoga study, is advised as the minimum, whilst enrolled on the course. Yet, this is not compulsory.

The wisdom imparted in this program, goes far beyond the instruction of how to perform physical postures (asanas). It will guide you through: the activation of energy centres (chakras) within your body, the control over prana (pranayama), the practice of authentic meditation (controlled expansion of the mind), and shall immerse you into a complete system of yogic philosophy.

The practical techniques, and knowledge provided in this course, shall give you a deeper understanding of yourself. Your will-power shall improve, as shall your physical strength. You shall create healthy new habits, whilst discovering emotional balance and inner harmony.

What You Will Learn:

  • 40+ Lectures on yogic topics (chakras, lucid dreaming, mysteries of the mind, etc).
  • 20+ Asanas that harmonise body, mind, and spirit.
  • Meditations of Kashmir Shaivism.
  • Sun Salutations, “made Tantric”.
  • Purification techniques, for body & mind.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Self-mastery over your body & emotions.
  • Regain balance within daily life, healing from stress and diseases.
  • Manifest your goals and desires.
  • Transform your perspective.
  • Understand the essence of authentic yoga.

Students testimonials:

“Joining level 1 was a life-changing experience in a good way. I am doing yoga now for several years but now I understand what yoga really is. I loved the quality and how the teachers taught us traditional Hatha yoga while focusing on the chakras. I went over the years to many yoga schools on Koh Phangan but no one had this knowledge like Agama. I am so happy to find this school. Thank you, Agama!” Sebastian, Germany.

Course Requirements:

  • None. Open to all!

Watch the Free masterclass about Level 1 – What is Yoga? by Muktananda.


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