Tantra in Relationships

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Discover the difference between “ordinary” and “spiritual” relationships. Discover the Masculine & Feminine Tantric Archetypes. Become accustomed to the Kama Sutra. Learn of typical relationship dynamics, and delve into the deeper meanings behind them.

Learn to integrate your relationship, into a sincere part of your spiritual practice. In this Workshop, you will discover the pros & cons of each relationship type and will receive a clear understanding of how to choose the best style of relationship that complies with your lifestyle, personality, and spiritual goals. Practical tips for how to deepen whichever relationship type you choose shall be given. Discussions will be led over ‘how to cultivate detachment’, ‘how to communicate and deal with emotions like jealousy’, and most importantly ‘how to transmute these emotions, within your relationship with your partner, when they arise’. Insights regarding the importance of communication, and The True Nature of Love are guaranteed.

The pre-requisite to the course is Conscious Tantric Touch


For a couple, For one person, Repeater

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