What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning warp or weave, which alludes to the invisible web of interconnection that is our universe, just as a cloth is woven out of countless interlacing threads into one unified piece. In our day to day ordinary consciousness we are under the spell of Maya, illusion, and are unable to see […]

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Yoga and Money

Is it wrong to want financial abundance on the spiritual path? Most of the great Yogis and mystics that we know of were not interested in abundance, fame, family and other worldly pursuits. They generally tended to turn their backs on the world to focus on the inner quest for spiritual freedom. Does this mean

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Agama’s Spiritual Reading List

When it comes to the study of spiritual literature, the Yogis say that it is better to read just one page a day than nothing at all. Why read? When we read, we come into telepathic contact with the spirit of the author, putting us on the same wavelength. If you read the books of

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Is Agama Yoga a Cult?

Agama Yoga School has often been labelled a cult. We understand why. Many arrive at Agama expecting to find what they know of as Yoga, and are met with statues of Hindu deities like Ganesha and Kali, strange looking symbols like the Shambhala yantra, and long-time students bowing in reverence at an altar. It looks

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What Does it Mean to Be Spiritual?

A lot of the time when someone becomes interested in spirituality, they find the answers to their big questions in religious forms of spirituality, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and so on. But many struggle with having to believe the sacred texts and teachings of religions. A spiritual person is looking for an experience of

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The True Purpose of Meditation

The internet is flooded with people teaching meditation. So many different kinds of meditation. It’s become quite trendy to meditate. But do you know the true purpose of meditation? Yes, it calms the mind, relieves anxiety, makes you more present and able to face the challenges of daily life. These things will come for anyone

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Is Your Heart Chakra Blocked?

Probably yes… You might feel like a very loving person, but almost no one living today lives like Jesus or Rumi or Mother Teresa. Yoga tells us that it can take many lifetimes to truly open the heart. So, what can you do about it, this time around? Work on Anahata, the Heart Chakra, again

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