december, 2022

19dec(dec 19)15:0022(dec 22)22:00Crown Chakra Retreat

Course Details

This course focuses on the activation of Sahasrara, "The Crown Chakra". Sahasrara is the highest chakra in Yoga, and the Ultimate Spiritual Goal.

Initiation from Dharmananda, an Advanced Teacher, will be given. A powerful seed will be planted in you, energetically, aiding you here-on.

What You Will Learn:

  • The spiritual value of The Crown Chakra in daily life and your spiritual evolution.
  • The nature of mindfulness and pure awareness.
  • Different meditation techniques from Tantra, based on Sublimation and Kundalini Awakening.

How You Will Benefit:

  • You will gain the ability to disassociate your mind from your consciousness.
  • You will gain the ability to be more centred, and in control over your emotions & mind.
  • Living in the present moment, and its value in daily life.

Student Testimonials:

"I am forever grateful for this very peaceful retreat, which brought me closer to my Spiritual Home in the Crown Chakra, Sahasrara. It taught me some amazing, and very rare meditation techniques, which somehow made me feel more whole, embracing the entire being through all the chakras in a very tantric way. In this retreat, for the first time, I also clearly understood and heard the Nada, the subtle sound of the Laya Yoga meditation. Thank you so much!" Florian, Germany.

"Agama is truly amazing. The teachers are so knowledgeable, skilled and genuinely dedicated to ensuring the development of their students’ path, that it’s quite impossible to leave one of their courses with anything but an open heart and mind. I would, and constantly do recommend going to Agama to anyone who is interested in actually evolving and furthering their spirituality, yogic and tantric knowledge, and more importantly themselves as a whole. You’ll leave the school in a whole lot better shape (physical, mental, spiritual) than you were when you walked in." Ebba, Germany

Course Requirements:

All students welcome. Familiarity with Level 1, would assist a student’s understanding.


(monday) 19 december 15:00 - (thursday) 22 december 22:00 (GMT+07:00) View in my time



We are very happy to provide video recordings for most of our workshops, but we strongly recommend attending them LIVE and using the videos as support. As the method used for the recordings is Zoom, we don’t guarantee high-quality performance. Recordings are available for one week after the workshop has finished.


  • Dharmananda


    Dharmananda was born in 1977, in Israel. In 2001, he started practicing Yoga and Tantra. In 2005, he also began teaching. His main passions are Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Since 2008, he has led meditation retreats at Agama, focusing on cultivating concentration of the mind, awareness, and the attainment of high states of consciousness.

  • Ramdev


  • Swamiji


    The founder of Agama Yoga, Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, or “Swamiji” to his students, is a passionate and dedicated teacher of the authentic lines of Indian and Tibetan Yoga, which are rapidly becoming lost in today's "spiritual marketplace." In 1998, Swami Vivekananda took full sannyasa vows at the Kumbha Mela in India, at which time he was ordained; his diksha guru bestowing upon him his new and famous name, which means discriminating insight. Although restrained by a modesty that usually prevents him from discussing it, Swamiji has reached high states of spiritual realisation and samadhi. From this place of knowing, he offers a proven path to spiritual accomplishment in well-articulated concepts. He is one of the few Western Tantric Teachers well-versed in Kundalini Yoga and Gnostic Christianity, and he specialises in the intensely spiritual Tantra Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism. Swamiji’s guidance is felt in many ways at Agama: from in the classroom, presenting Yoga as a living science, based on common sense and joy; to administering various healing techniques, as a practitioner of chiropractic and other healing methods; to lecturing on esoteric Yogic subjects in weekly Satsang; or discussing personal life problems with pupils, possibly in their own language (as he speaks five). Swamiji inspires by personal example and examples from history, quoting uninterruptedly from scores of ancient texts and spiritual masters – all with a great sense of humour and unmatched character.

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