Parapsychology/ Radionics


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Video recordings of Radionics workshop from 2022. 5 days 3 hours each time.

This is a very exciting workshop in which Swami Vivekananda shows the connections between Yoga and the little-known science like Parapsychology, Radiesthesia, and Radionics.

Many methods and discoveries from these “forbidden sciences” are clearly pointing at the existence of yet unknown forces and energies in our universe, and the knowledge that yogis had about the chakra-s and their resonance with such mysterious powers is precisely the “missing link” that can make us understand them and use them in our daily life.

How You will Benefit:

Radionics is the electronic version of magic. One can get control over the hidden forces of nature by it.

What You Will learn:

In the typical precise, accurate, no-nonsense style of Agama, you will learn to use radiesthesic pendulums, divining rods, radionic devices – from simple to complex – and much more. Whenever possible, you will build your own instruments during the workshop itself.


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